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A Homework Assignment

I didn’t know what to post, so Idecided to post this. This was a homework assignment that I had to do for writing class. I promise to do something more theological later :-).

The sky was dark as Brídín walked through the stormy Irish day back to her home in Gaoth Dobhair. The wind whipped around her, churning the sea into thick foam and splashing ocean spray on her face. She turned towards the sky, watching heaven free her held-back tears; listening to their soft footfalls echoing down the lanes and streets around her. She sighed in contentment, and then continued forward. No-one was out today. Most of the small, familiar homes that lined the cobble-stone paths through the village were dark – only the occasional tavern or shop bore a single candle in the window pane. Brídín knew she was to have come home much earlier, but the peace around her delayed her arrival, or, rather, her departure. How beautiful everything looks in the rain, she thought. A single raindrop, caught on a rose petal, sparkled in the light of a candle while doves sought shelter from the downpour underneath the eves of a silent tavern. The wind, singing a subtle melody as it slipped through cracks in old wooden doors and down well-traveled alleyways, drew her forward step by step.

She moved on, the old town now hushed and quiet behind her, to long-forgotten fields and ancient meadows graced with wildflowers and moonlight. The wind had stilled to a gentle murmur at her back, but the rain continued its descent upon the places she knew well. A newborn trickle of rainwater flowed by her feet and continued on to a place she did not know as she made her way through the countryside. Her path wound slowly down towards the horizon and was buried in the long grass. At the end of her road was Gaoth Dobhair, and her home.

She continued down the dirt-lane, leading her by the graceful cliffs with eyes always towards the sea. The call of the sea – the salty mist – and the dying moonlight upon the waters drew Brídín slowly towards the cliff. She overlooked the expanse, marveling in its beauty and its Creator, and threw her hands up to the sky, letting the rain fall down around her. In the distance, the sun softly glowed on the horizon. Maybe she didn’t need to be home quite yet.