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Hey, everyone! I’ve decided that it’s about time to do another good post, so here it is: in the form of a question.

It’s easy to see why non-Christians may make idols out of various things, but why do you think that Christians tend to make idols out of things just like non-Christians do? By idols, I mean things that become so important that they take up more of our thought, time, alove, and devotion than Christ.

I’d like to know your thoughts on this subject!


– Nathan

41 Days until Summer Camp 2009!

“Ag Ínse Scéil ar an Doigh a Bhí”

This is another poem that I like. “Ag Ínse Scéil ar an Doigh a Bhí” means “tell a story of the old life” in Irish. The end of the poem (“Athás mór í mo chroí. Go deo”) means “Great joy in my heart. Forever.”

 Anyway, if you have time, let me know what you think (if you don’t like it, you don’t have to say that you do ☺). Please excuse the different fonts and everything. For some reason, WordPress seems to have a very hard time publishing poetry.





 “Ag Ínse Scéil ar an Doigh a Bhí”

“Tell a Story of the Old Life”


Far on Forsaken Shores I tread,

Captive to the Master dread.

I heard a wild Cry and learned

The Tears were mine. Alone. 


 I found no Shelter on this land.

No Shelter from Heaven’s gaze.

No Refuge from the Scorching Winds.

No Place to rest my head.



But as the Dawn breaks through the Night,

And as the Shadows die,

A hopeful Song, and new-found Song

Arose within my heart.


The Light climbed slowly o’er the hill

Which e’re had blocked the Sun

And cast away the Shades of Night

Which lingered o’er my heart


Far from Forsaken Shores I fled

Now carried by the King of Light, for

In Night of Mine Own Dread,

I could not find The Way


But as the Dawn breaks through the Night,

And as the Shadows die,

A hopeful Song, and new-found Song.

Athás mór i mo Chroí. Go Deo.

Thanks from Noël

This is from Noël:


Hello, everyone who reads Nathan’s blog. I just wanted to say something because I thought that it would be really cool to have my thoughts on the computer and because I just really wanted to say something occasionally. I like that comment from despair.com. It says: “Blogging: Never before have so many with so little to say said so much to so few.” Well, anyway. I still think that blogging sounds a little egocentric, but if you know people are following it and you’re doing it with the intent of encouraging or like sharing testimonies, that’s okay. Anyway…


What I was going to say on the Thanksgiving Evening Service, I will say now. I really wanted to share it, but then my dad kind of “perry-phrased” (I heard about that one) it for me. So I’ll just kind of re-write it in my own words.


So. First of all, I’m just really thankful for our church. I didn’t appreciate our church until almost exactly a year ago, even though we’ve been attending for about 11 years. We’ve been going to youth group consistently since about April, and that was when I really started getting interested in going to church, which is sad that it took so long. But I really never knew anybody and I wasn’t really involved at church and then we started going to youth group and I started caring about other people and getting to know them and caring about going to church and all that.


What Mrs. Alexander said during the Thankgiving service was that it’s really a family, and it really is. I don’t know as many people as I would like and I don’t know those I do as well as I should, but it’s a huge difference from when I didn’t care about anything outside of myself and my family for thirteen years. So I’m very thankful that we go to the church we do and for the people in it.


I’ve wanted to say that for a while because I really care about it and I really don’t like just doing small-talk and not getting to know people any better. So I thought that it would be good to say something about my life in the past year. I really have been changed a lot by the seniors (who have now left and are in college) who have become role models in some ways for me by leadership, even though nobody’s perfect, and I really have been thinking about other things (Higher things, even) then just books and day-to-day-at-home things. So I’m really, really thankful that youth group’s there and I’m really sad that I didn’t make the most of this past summer because it seemed like it was a really good year. But I’m really going to try to make the most of the rest of this year and this next summer (you all can hold me to it) by just really getting to know people better because I want to help out and help the kids because I doubt all of them are Christians, and make a difference.