Hey, everyone! I’ve decided that it’s about time to do another good post, so here it is: in the form of a question.

It’s easy to see why non-Christians may make idols out of various things, but why do you think that Christians tend to make idols out of things just like non-Christians do? By idols, I mean things that become so important that they take up more of our thought, time, alove, and devotion than Christ.

I’d like to know your thoughts on this subject!


– Nathan

41 Days until Summer Camp 2009!

One response to “Idols

  • Jan Stern

    I would say it is a lack of love and affection for Christ and what He did on the cross for me!
    The enemy delights in drawing our love away, he knows we are weak. We must fight the temptations that pull us away from loving our Savior! We must also fight to make sure our head knowledge is not just that. Our love for the Lord must come from the heart:)

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